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Denver Interior Designers REINVENT FURNITURE

New is always better!  We all have pieces of furniture we love but, over time, have become worn and need some TLC.  As long as your pieces of upholstery have good structure/frames, adding new fabric and detail can be just the ticket to bring your old furnishings back to life!  Our client loved the overall style and comfort of her sofa and bench, although both needed to be updated.

One of The Goode Touch Interior’s designers, pictured on our client’s old sofa below, is noting that comfort is a key factor for our client, so down-wrapped cushions will be replaced for both seat and back cushions.

The bench is used as both a foot rest and coffee table so durability was very important when selecting new fabric.

Our client recently inherited a beautiful antique pillow cover and wanted to incorporate it as an accent pillow on the sofa.  A turquoise blue pillow insert was designed so the color peaks through the spaces between the button closures, while decorative silk tassels were added for the finishing touch.

Pictured below, the new fabrics & trim completely transformed the sofa and bench! The client was in love at first sight! The sofa was reupholstered with a textured linen fabric from Kravet and the skirt was accented with decorative tape.  Two additional throw pillows were created with a cream background to accent the antique pillow and contrast with the main sofa fabric.

A commercial-grade Pollack fabric was selected for the bench because of its durability.  Its soft, brushed nap gives a luxurious feel and the metallic welt cord frames the cushion beautifully.

We designed the sofa with the original welt detail and a flat flange on the pillows for diversity.

To bring attention to the sofa’s skirt, a Highland Court tape was applied at the bottom, giving a tailored appearance.

The antique pillow turned out to be the perfect centerpiece for the sofa.

And the silk tassels give the pillow the extra detail it was calling for!


Working With Existing Pieces

Many people are faced with the challenge of how they can update a room using existing furniture and incorporating new.  As designers, we are mindful of the emotional attachments people have with their furnishings and are focused on the seamless integration of “old” and “new” items.  Recently, our client asked us to rejuvenate her master bedroom.  She requested a colorful environment with a soft, feminine flair that would breathe life into the space.

Our first priority for this project was to improve the scale of the furnishings within her bedroom.  One of the solutions was to select appropriate table lamps for the two nightstands and antique occasional table.


Below, are the lamp options we presented to our client:

In the end, our client selected the lamp on the left for her two nightstands.  Their appropriate scale, graceful shape and warm metal tones mix beautifully with the accent hardware on her existing case goods.

She selected the tall floral lamp for the antique occasional table.  This fanciful lamp will be a statement piece in the room and provide a delicate feminine touch to the ornate table.


Stay tuned for the room’s transformation with the installation of the three new table lamps, the refinished bed and nightstands, new bedding as well as new window treatments…